I am super thrilled to share with you a new endeavor!

First, I want to begin by saying that the Composer-in-Residence position at Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd in Hazelwood, MO has been and continues to be a wonderful experience and blessing.

I am now seeking to share my passion and serve churches and schools locally and around the nation through this exciting, new project, Seasonal Scriptures in Song.

The opportunity to expand this type of work can more easily occur with the help of many. What’s amazing is that this can happen at various contribution levels starting as low as $1 per month.

To find out more, check out my official Patreon page at:

I truly hope many long term patron-ships will develop as this project grows!

Patreon Patrons

  • Jocelyn Hagen
  • Louis and Martha Jander
  • Stephen Coenen
  • Jennifer Porcelli
  • John and Judy Hayes
  • Karen B. Gehner
  • Jill Gehner
  • Bill and Brenda Hake
  • Ann Hier
  • Neil and Carol Gray
  • Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd, Hazelwood, MO – In Loving Memory of Kathryn Carter
  • Angie and Bob Kemper
  • Immanuel-Olivette Sunday School
  • Debbie Linam
  • Doug Landholt
  • Marta Miranda Graterole
  • Charles William Hale
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