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In the past, I tried my hand at blogging with weekly (more like biannually, if that) posts regarding my composer-in-residence program. Unfortunately, a challenge arose in always having something to post (due to the occasional creative slump) and feeling the need to write a novel, which this post is coming close to becoming.

With that being said, I felt it was time to combine the multiple creative and vocational facets of my life into a singular structure. Therefore, by merging four to five elements into a monthly(ish) newsletter format, I hoped to produce more out of less.

So, in February of 2015, I sent out the first issue of my newsletter, “Theodore Talks.” This post contains the previous issues of Volume 1,  and should update as new issues are released. Happy reading!

Unfold the Words

Allow the words to unfold, reading and creating with a deeper understanding and purpose.

As a composer of sacred and secular songs and choral works, the texts I set are ever present and foundational elements to the music. I was reminded in my devotion this morning about the importance of gaining a fuller understanding of words as they relate to one’s faith, and, as a musician, to the enrichment of the compositional and performance processes.

Even if you are just reading your favorite poem, or sharing a quote, taking a moment to examine just a few of the words in greater detail will enhance your comprehension and overall experience with the text.

For example, take these four words, “green pastures,” and “quiet waters” from Psalm 23. How would the material in the image of this post help in your understanding of the overall text or in performing a musical setting of the psalm?

You may be surprised at what you discover.

A New Musical Endeavor – Seasonal Scriptures in Song

I am super thrilled to share with you a new endeavor!

First, I want to begin by saying that the Composer-in-Residence position at Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd in Hazelwood, MO has been and continues to be a wonderful experience and blessing.

I am now seeking to share my passion and serve churches and schools locally and around the nation through this exciting, new project, Seasonal Scriptures in Song.

The opportunity to expand this type of work can more easily occur with the help of many. What’s amazing is that this can happen at various contribution levels starting as low as $1 per month.

To find out more, check out my official Patreon page at:

I truly hope many long term patron-ships will develop as this project grows!

Patreon Patrons

  • Jocelyn Hagen
  • Louis and Martha Jander
  • Stephen Coenen
  • Jennifer Porcelli
  • John and Judy Hayes
  • Karen B. Gehner
  • Jill Gehner
  • Bill and Brenda Hake
  • Ann Hier
  • Neil and Carol Gray
  • Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd, Hazelwood, MO – In Loving Memory of Kathryn Carter
  • Angie and Bob Kemper
  • Immanuel-Olivette Sunday School
  • Debbie Linam
  • Doug Landholt
  • Marta Miranda Graterole
  • Charles William Hale

Scotland the Brave – Now on iTunes & Spotify

Not only is my remix of Scotland the Brave available on CD Baby, you can now find it on iTunes:

as well as on Spotify:

What Were You Thinking?


In honor of Throwback Thursday, I’m announcing the release of “What Were You Thinking?,” an album of my early electronica/mixed music. You can purchase individual tracks or the whole album. I appreciate any business you can throw my way. Check out the album at:


Scotland the Brave Remixed


After ten years of hemming-and-hawing, I’ve finally released my remix of Scotland the Brave to the world. And, you can have it for a whole .99¢ at CDBaby.

Happy dancing!!

The Portfolio Composer

If you are at all interested in the business side of composition, check out this super fantastic resource:

The Portfolio Composer


You can find the podcast at:




dance of the mill

Last spring (April 2014) I began a second piece based on a challenge from Facebook. The idea was to occupy Facebook with art, breaking the monotony of photos of lunches and selfies. Whoever would like or comment on the post would then be given an artist to share via Facebook. I was given Albrecht Dürer by Matthew Peterson.

For this second piece, “dance of the mill,” I chose Dürer’s painting, “Wire-drawing Mill” which can be found on SoundCloud:

About the Music:

Albrecht Dürer (1471-1528) travelled extensively during his lifetime. One of Dürer’s earliest documented excursions was to the Italian city of Venice. As he neared Nuremberg, Dürer very well may have passed through the first industrial development of the city. Yet again, his surroundings inspired a rich watercolor painting.

“Wire-drawing Mill,” depicts a copper wire workshop, along with other mills, nestled on the bank of the Pegnitz, outside of Nuremberg. Some scholars think this painting was created around 1489/90, while others believe it to have come during his return trip home to Nuremberg in 1494. Regardless of the original inception of the painting, the moving inner workings of these mills and the vibrant colors of the painting sparked the creation of this second Albrect Dürer inspired piece, “dance of the mill.” The composition was written for either solo guitar or guitar duo and various percussion.

Journey Begun Music Website Upgrade

After several more weeks of learning a new website building platform and transferring hosting companies, my publishing website, “Journey Begun Music,” is now upgraded and should be more browser friendly. So, along with my new personal site, everything is up and running. Woo hoo!!

JBM Logo Experiment

It’s Finally Done!

It’s finally done! After much formatting and layouts and editing, my new website is up and running!

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